Friday, 13 June 2008

Images from Foundation FMP exhibition work

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These are the images from my Foundation show at Wimbledon. I created a cube shaped object with images of 4 different animals on each side with numbers the dipicted the amount of that animal that is left in the world. I wanted the installation to be interactive in that the audience had to look around and through the boxes to find more information about the animals. I was going for the idea of confinement and a cage. I used my own wired affect alphabet as the font within the piece and mono printing as the main media within the images.

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Prep Work for FMP at Foundation

These pictures show some of the images that went towards my final major project on my Foundation course in Wimbledon. I created a wired alphabet as well as using printing, pencil and collage to create different affects when drawing the animals. The project title I chose was happiness, being hard to start off with but ending up concentrating on what I found happy, which was animals. Although the project also turned into looking at how the animals are unhappy by being put in cages.