Friday, 23 September 2011


Here is a collection if illustrations I have done that I wanted to put together to see what they look like...

Tiger Print competition work

Here is some of the work that I have been up to lately... I did these designs for a competition which I did not get very far in, but quite like some of the designs.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Contemporary Mothers Day card competition

Here is a screen shot of the tiger print blog page, of which my card design was picked in the top 15! Im not sure it will go any further but I didnt think it would even get this far... Got to keep trying for more of their competitions...

Below are the design that I created. The second design is the one chosen for the top 15.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Postcards for Sale

Ok, so I've had some postcards made of the image above... if you would like one I am selling them for £1.50 each including postage. If you wanted to collect the postcard or live locally to me, then it will just be £1. If you would like one please let me know by emailing me at Thank you.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Promotional Postcard Ideas

Here are some designs that I have created for postcards that I want to give out to people. I wanted the postcard to show off a bit of my work, but make the viewer want to see more. For a poster design we have done for our degree show in London we used silhouettes of elements of peoples work to make them want to see more, so I wanted to try this out in my own work. I also felt it was important to relate what is on the postcard to the work being shown in my show, in order to allow those who pick up the postcards to remember me. Not sure if I should go for all of them, a few or just one design. Also if it was one of the more simple designs I thought about making the cards myself by lino cutting them.... Just a thought!

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Complimentary copies of my designs

I got home from uni today to find a package by my front door. It was some examples of the card designs that i had done for Artquirk card company, aimed at students. I was given 10 of each design with envelopes and plastic sleeves, which was unexpected but very much appreciated.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Work to Submit

This is all my bits that I am submitting for my Professional Practice unit at Uni. I put my logo on a canvas bag and put all my work in it so that it is organised.

This is all the work that I am submitting for my EMP, as well as a large print that isn't in the picture. I just hope that it all makes sense!

All I can do is give the work in and keep my fingers crossed!

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Knickers in boxes

After designing the patterns, I applied them to knickers via transfer paper, and also created some little boxes to put the underwear in. You can see the amount of designs that I created, using the black boxes in-between as a presentational device when photographing the boxes together. Inside the box there is a little leaflet that I designed explaining about the design process, and 1 or 2 pairs of knickers, with the pattern on the knickers relating to the patter on the other side of the box.

The leaflet that I designed takes the form of a company flyer, with 25 different mono knickers that the customer can theoretically pick to have made into their own personalised pattern. I wanted to give the idea of making the audience choose from a selected amount of options, and make a decision, relating to the themes within my project. I wanted the leaflet to look professional, and have displayed my pattern designs within the leaflet also incase the 'customer' wanted to pick a design already made.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Wall Piece

For the final piece of my project, I wanted to use the 30 knickers drawings that I had done, as I feel presented as a wall piece they would look good. In addition to having the 30 individual A3 drawings, I also had a print of the images altogether created to see which would look best on the wall. I tried this out in my dads warehouse, as there was a large white wall that I could use to experiment with. You can see the images above from the pictures I took. I tried the large print, 5x5 knickers using only 25 of the pictures and then trying 5x6 knickers, giving the full 30 knickers.

Given that I wanted to go for the idea of being overwhelmed, using all 30 knickers seems the best way to go, and it is a larger scale than the one off print, adding to the idea of being overwhelmed by choice. If I had more time, it would have been great to have 2 or 3 times this amount of knickers going all the way up the wall. This way gives more of an indivisual approach, looking at one persons choices when making a daily decision.

However there are 5/6 of the images that have been drawn on slightly different coloured paper, giving the image a yellowy look. Not sure if you can see it here, but its noticeable when you see it on the wall. If there is room in my exhibition to put all 30 knickers up I will probably re draw those images that are slightly different to the rest. There may only be room for me to put a small selection of images up, and therefore I can pick which images to put up and which not to.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Options, Choices & Decisions Book

My Blurb book arrived! Here are a few pictures from the book. I am pleased with the outcome and would use blurb again. They are quickly, efficient and the book is very professional. I chose to have a glossy sleeve around a plain black bound book, as I wanted the book to look intriguing, especially using the repeated pattern of the 30 knickers over the front cover.

The title 'Options, Choices & Decisions' came after reviewing what it was that my work seemed to be about now, and it seemed less about Indecisiveness, and more about the options, choices and decisions that we make daily, the mundane things that go through out head.

The only issue with the book is that when I put one image over two pages, the detail of the image is lost in the central part of the book. This is my own fault for putting the image over the safety margin, but I wanted the image to bleed into one another, and this wasn't the case.

The other issue regard the text on each page, in that I think it should be a bit smaller, and have a distinguished line between the image and the text, but this would need to be experimented with.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Business Cards

Here are the 15 different designs that I created to go on one side of my business cards. I chose to have rounded edged cards as I wanted to have something a little bit different, even though I know rounded cornered cards are popular as well.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Pattern Designs

Here are some of the designs that I have created from my mono print knickers. I want to try and use them on actual knickers, by screen printing the design onto fabric or using tshirt transfer paper to get the images onto the fabric and making some knickers out of it. If not, then try and transfer the design directly onto a brought pair of knickers as it is the idea that I want to portray, not my skills on a sewing machine.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Changing your mind

I went back to the idea of layering images over one another, and wanted to try it with different objects and the idea of changing you mind from one option to another. Some of these images will go into the final book that I am going to create.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Book Experiment

I tried experimenting with the design and layout of a book on Issuu, but having problems with the order in which images should be placed, and which ones should and shouldnt be chosen to stand inside it.

Patterned pants

After my final critique, I had some feedback as to the final outcome of my work. The idea of a book was suggested, of which I was confused as to the layout and how I should place the order. Another suggestion was an interactive online piece, which seemed to me to be the wrong direction to take, as the interactive piece I created in the last unit was not as finalised or established as it needed to be, and was not successful in my eyes.

Along side a book of developments, ideas and outcomes could be a pair of hand made knickers with my own pattern design on them to incorporate into the book and make the book a kind of look book for companies. When you buy the underwear you get the little book for free showing you different pattern designs, options of what to wear with items and more abstract images of interest.

I do feel as though the direction of this project is swaying too far from the original topic of indecisiveness. I agree in it now focusing on decisions in general, as well as the choices we make, and the pleasure of having to make a decision amongst so many different options. I do want to try and employ this into the book more, as it is something I am interested in. Being able to communicate my thoughts and ideas that I employ into an image to others is something that I want to show in this work. Thinking too much and trying different options often leads to me being wrapped up in my own little world. However I do like the diversity and array of options in which my work leads to.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Tights pattern experiment

A pattern I created using the drawing of tights that I created. It repeated the same image which I think looks effective. But I want to try and create one that has no white gaps in it. It is something that I can see being used on wallpaper or curtain fabric, a bit different. Having large scale tights on the wall of your living room is different, but still quite sheek (if thats the right word to be using).

Experimenting with washing line

Here is an idea for presenting my work. I wanted to have the images I had done in frames, but having 30 images at A3 size, it works out quite expensive, even though I feel it would look effective. So an alternative experiement im trying, is using a washing line as a method of displaying the images. It is also a good way of being able to move around the object to see the space, and the layering of the images on the lines can be used in conjunction with the topic of decisions and choices I have been focusing my work on.

Monday, 28 March 2011

30 knickers... check!

Ive finished the 30 pairs of knickers that I wanted to do! Woop woop... now just got to work out what context I should put them in... thinking time!

Scanner manipulations

Worrying that I was moving too far away from the idea of indecisiveness, and the different options that slip in and out of consciousness , I wanted to play around with the idea of moving the image to make it seem like they are being moved. I used the scanner to do this as you can keep the same image and move it about freely to get different affect, and with some of the images, overlaying them to give the idea of the mind changing from one option to another.

Mono print knickers

I wanted to try and add some colour in my work. I love mono printing and the effect that it gives pieces of work, so applied this style to the same knicker images I used with the pencil sketches. However I like the intricacy of the pencil drawings and so do not want to replace them with the monos, but try and work out a way of using both of them together.

Frames and Font

Here is some more developmental work, playing with childrens rhymes that are used to help make a choice/decision in a game. Which person to pick to play with, and many other games. 'Eenie meenie minie moe' is the tune I have chosen to apply to images to show a way of choosing an image.

Frames, to me, seem to show that something is more important than it may be. You can put something that may not seem as important or special in a frame to make it more important The mundane decision or choice of knickers, being put in a frame, seems to make them seem more important than they are.

Ive also used text over the top of the image to combine them together, experimenting with the different way images can be put together.

Friday, 18 March 2011


Playing on the idea of changing your mind and different options coming in and out of consciousness when making a decision, I wanted to try and visually show thing through making a flipbook. These are the stages of images for this, starting at the top left, going down and then from the bottom of the second column up and then top of third down etc... After making it it seems like the process is a bit quick, and there needs to be more of a transition from one image to the next, and maybe less pairs or more random pairs popping into the consciousness and then out again. This is something to think about and play with.

Changing your mind

I wanted to add more of a confused approach to the way I was working. When making a decision you often change you mind, have one option, change your mind, and maybe go back to another option. These images show the underwear options that are available to be applied to different items of clothing.