Friday, 6 May 2011

Options, Choices & Decisions Book

My Blurb book arrived! Here are a few pictures from the book. I am pleased with the outcome and would use blurb again. They are quickly, efficient and the book is very professional. I chose to have a glossy sleeve around a plain black bound book, as I wanted the book to look intriguing, especially using the repeated pattern of the 30 knickers over the front cover.

The title 'Options, Choices & Decisions' came after reviewing what it was that my work seemed to be about now, and it seemed less about Indecisiveness, and more about the options, choices and decisions that we make daily, the mundane things that go through out head.

The only issue with the book is that when I put one image over two pages, the detail of the image is lost in the central part of the book. This is my own fault for putting the image over the safety margin, but I wanted the image to bleed into one another, and this wasn't the case.

The other issue regard the text on each page, in that I think it should be a bit smaller, and have a distinguished line between the image and the text, but this would need to be experimented with.

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