Friday, 5 November 2010

Initial collaboration Ideas

Some initial drawings that I may use on a collaboration with my house-mate on Fashion working with childrens clothes focusing on the theme of British Heritage, using British Animals as a base to cater for a more child friendly audience.

Framing cameras

Cameras are used to take pictures of moment in our lives, as well as many other things. I feel that a camera is now one of the most essential devices used in order to keep record of moments in our lives. Here I have used the image of a camera, replicated it and framed it, playing with the idea of framing a memory, but using the device as the image being framed... needs some work...

More moulds

Developing on from previous moulds, the first of these two moulds is of the inside of my hands clasped together as if i were capturing something inside. It is a mould of the negative space within them, the matter that is being captured. The second image is the mould surrounding the first mould, what it would look like if you were inside the hand.

Memories cannot be caught like fish or kept in a cage like a bird. We capture memories in our lives in many different way, one more popular way being through taking photographs. This development of moulds is pursuing the idea of ways to capture memories, why people capture memories and the inevitability that we are unable to capture a moment for a life time. Make the most of the moment, because it will be left behind as life moves forward.