Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Pictures of finished tshirts - collaboration

Here are the final Illustrations that Sophie screen printed onto fabric and made them into tshirts for her target age group. There are elements that have been beaded into the illustrations to add colour and detail to them. I like this as we found that it made them more appealing to a young girl who liked sparkly bits on the tshirts as opposed to just the drawing itself. I would like to try making the tshirt for myself, even if I buy a tshirt and screen print the image on to have one for myself. I would also like to try using an image like this and making it into a pattern of sort to be used as an interior or over a larger scale as the whole of the fabric being made into a tshirt or a jumper. Something to keep in mind.

Stills from the Film

Here are some stills from the making of the film that I did toward bringing my project together. After talking to my tutors, it seemed viable to have something to present the work that would help explain the detail and reasoning behind it all, not just the fact that it was made of a lot of different shapes. I like the idea but felt rushed in making the film and if redoing it, would like to have an area with proper lighting and a high resolution camera as the video camera that I used did not give the best picture quality that I would have liked, but still worked ok. It may have been the programs that I used to compile the video, needing to use iMovie to make it all come together. I then used garageband to record my own voice and adapt it to use as a track behind the footage. I got my family to help me make the films, as there were 5 or different elements to it, that all made up the film. Although as I said, more footage, better lighting and a consistent, high quality camera resolution would have been the next step to take after making this film.

Wallpaper in context

After producing the large sheet of wallpaper, I took pictures of each of the sections of the wallpaper and then compiled them in photoshop, repeated the pattern to form a wallpaper sheet. I then applied this into context to see whether it would work in a domestic environment. I think it does but would like to see what it would look like if the wallpaper was custom made by hand for someone so that all of the marks would be individual as I feel this has a feeling of repetition. Or maybe better photography that is more inline would make it easier.

Work Larger

After creating the symbols at a smaller scale, it was suggested that I do it at a larger scale... so I created this A1 black stamped version which i liked, but felt it needed to be bigger... however long it took me. Also that I wanted to try it in colour to make it more subtle a delicate. The image below shows the colour version I did. I wanted to use gold and silver to show a precious like feel to the work.

The idea of working even larger then A1 was suggested by a class mate, and I did this on a wallpaper roll I had left over from a previous piece of work. It was not the whole roll but took me around 6 or more hours to complete it. I am pleased with the outcome and feel that it needed to be done by hand as it make each mark individual. What I keep being asked is if there is a pattern to the symbols, and the truth is no. It is random as to which shape I pick up next as I feel when memories are formed we do not know what is going to be taken in, unless concentrated on in more detail. Otherwise we cannot predict the future and what memories are going to be formed, therefore why should there be some sort of plan as to the pattern of my work.

Further Developments within the shapes

The next step was to add colour to add a more defined separation between the different shapes (or representations of senses). I wanted to try to use different tones to see what the image would look like. The above has stronger, more dominant colours that may seem quite harsh, whereas below I have used more subtle skin tonal colours as I felt they may relate to the idea of senses and in turn memory better.

As well as experimenting with colour, the idea of using string as a way of visually explaining connections within the brain, and the strength of the connections affecting the formations of memory, was another exploratory idea. The symbols were the same, such as the type of cells that form memories, however the colours of the string differed for each of the different senses. Could use the thickness of the string as an additional aid to differentiate the strength memory being formed.

Another initial experiment is shown below. The idea of memories being retrieved by a cue or trigger from one of our senses. Whether it be that we smell something that reminds us of something else or during having a conversation, what somebody says leads on to what we say next. This is shown by the small shape inside the large one being the same as the previous large shape. Well maybe not so much in this image but that was the general idea.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Defining memories further

Ive added some symbols within the 'neuronal neworks' to make it more intricate and make the viewer want to look at the image in more detail. Each of the different symbol is meant to represent one of the emotions that we carry according to..... Ive also created this idea in a bigger form.

Addition of colour

Here I have applied colour to the same abstract shapes as in the previous post to define the different 'senses' that would make up the different neuronal networks. I think it allows you to see that these shapes and general images are made up on different elements without having to change general shapes as I have done in other images.

Abstract way of looking at Memory topic

Here are some of the starting images that I produced using different stamps that I had made. They relate to the way in which memory is made, using the physical process of stamping out each shape to get a slightly different outcome each time, like someone's memory. Although we may experience the same event, our memories will never be exactly the same of it.

The first image was an initial experiment, using the same shape repeated; the idea that the memory cells are all the same but what's inside them are not.

The second image related to the idea of neuronal networks that make up different memories. They group themselves together depending on what they are about which makes it easier to retrieve the information at a later date.

The third image touches upon the influence of our senses building up our memories. What we see, smell, touch, hear and taste are the way that we take in information that is changed into a useable form in the brain to be stored as memories, where relevant. Not all information is taken in, just those that seem more important to us.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Shot glasses... gone wrong

As part of my project on memeories and object that hold memeory, I was planning on casting the shot glasses collection I have acquired which are from around the world. Two of my friends and I get a shot glass when going abroad and bring it back as a collection. I thought this was a relevant and abstract form of collecting memories, and wanted to show it by casting the negative space within one. However... the plaster would not come out! Going to try soaking them, otherwise they will just be ornaments and not useable.