Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Further Developments within the shapes

The next step was to add colour to add a more defined separation between the different shapes (or representations of senses). I wanted to try to use different tones to see what the image would look like. The above has stronger, more dominant colours that may seem quite harsh, whereas below I have used more subtle skin tonal colours as I felt they may relate to the idea of senses and in turn memory better.

As well as experimenting with colour, the idea of using string as a way of visually explaining connections within the brain, and the strength of the connections affecting the formations of memory, was another exploratory idea. The symbols were the same, such as the type of cells that form memories, however the colours of the string differed for each of the different senses. Could use the thickness of the string as an additional aid to differentiate the strength memory being formed.

Another initial experiment is shown below. The idea of memories being retrieved by a cue or trigger from one of our senses. Whether it be that we smell something that reminds us of something else or during having a conversation, what somebody says leads on to what we say next. This is shown by the small shape inside the large one being the same as the previous large shape. Well maybe not so much in this image but that was the general idea.

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