Monday, 28 March 2011

30 knickers... check!

Ive finished the 30 pairs of knickers that I wanted to do! Woop woop... now just got to work out what context I should put them in... thinking time!

Scanner manipulations

Worrying that I was moving too far away from the idea of indecisiveness, and the different options that slip in and out of consciousness , I wanted to play around with the idea of moving the image to make it seem like they are being moved. I used the scanner to do this as you can keep the same image and move it about freely to get different affect, and with some of the images, overlaying them to give the idea of the mind changing from one option to another.

Mono print knickers

I wanted to try and add some colour in my work. I love mono printing and the effect that it gives pieces of work, so applied this style to the same knicker images I used with the pencil sketches. However I like the intricacy of the pencil drawings and so do not want to replace them with the monos, but try and work out a way of using both of them together.

Frames and Font

Here is some more developmental work, playing with childrens rhymes that are used to help make a choice/decision in a game. Which person to pick to play with, and many other games. 'Eenie meenie minie moe' is the tune I have chosen to apply to images to show a way of choosing an image.

Frames, to me, seem to show that something is more important than it may be. You can put something that may not seem as important or special in a frame to make it more important The mundane decision or choice of knickers, being put in a frame, seems to make them seem more important than they are.

Ive also used text over the top of the image to combine them together, experimenting with the different way images can be put together.

Friday, 18 March 2011


Playing on the idea of changing your mind and different options coming in and out of consciousness when making a decision, I wanted to try and visually show thing through making a flipbook. These are the stages of images for this, starting at the top left, going down and then from the bottom of the second column up and then top of third down etc... After making it it seems like the process is a bit quick, and there needs to be more of a transition from one image to the next, and maybe less pairs or more random pairs popping into the consciousness and then out again. This is something to think about and play with.

Changing your mind

I wanted to add more of a confused approach to the way I was working. When making a decision you often change you mind, have one option, change your mind, and maybe go back to another option. These images show the underwear options that are available to be applied to different items of clothing.

What to wear with leggings?

More options

Expansion of what to wear... added some more shoes from different angles, more hosiery and some clothing options that would be worn with the rest of the options. I then went on to overlay the different clothing options that are available for each pair of knickers in the image to show the options and confusion that can often present itself when trying to make a decision in the morning. Putting your knickers on or socks or pants is usually the first thing you do in the morning, and I wanted to show the next step, the options you then have and what is automatically eliminated because of your first decision made.

Experimenting with tights

With high heels, tights or nothing are usually the option of hosiery. Here I was just playing around with overlaying images together, what options to wear with what, trying to decide what to wear on a night out.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Which ones shall I wear today?

Layering the 14 pairs of knickers I have drawn.... which ones shall I wear today?

Reasons for making a decision

Moving on from drawing lots of different images... I tried experimenting with other object, watches, earrings, tops... but none of them worked as well visually as socks, pants and shoes. It may be that they are all around the same size, and if introducing objects such as tshirts and trousers it would ruin the scale of the images, and the same with using earrings, they would not be seen as clearly.

Therefore I am going to concentrate on undergarments, as they are the least important part to an outfit, in the sense that they are not seen and judged by other people, yet the choice in them affects the way in which clothing sits and your comfort value. Despite not being able to see them, there are so many varieties and still the necessity to pick which ones to wear.

These two images are accompanied by some text that briefly explains the thought processes related to picking them. Such as comfort value, what they can be worn with, colours and also there relationship with one another. I liked the layering of images within some of my other work and wanted to incorporate this further.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Knicker drawings so far...

This is how far I have come along so far with my knicker drawings... 14 down and not sure how many more to go, maybe another 20. Not sure if I should continue with the knickers or move onto another object, like socks, shoes, watches, glasses etc... Will have to make a decision about that soonish. Need to try out a few more things before hand. I seem to be able to do about 8 in a day without going to mad, so will have to see.

Lightbox effect

After doing some more drawings of knickers, I put them on my lightbox and took a picture of it, hoping to get an xray type affect, which I hope I have achieved. By layering the same type of object over one another highlights the different shapes and sizes that you can get and that affect your decision as to which one to wear. I like the way the camera has captured the light in the image as well, it looks as if the photo is a painting. I want to try doing this more, and also with different types of object, like over layering socks with knickers, not just knickers. Perhaps have all the objects that would be worn on one day together, not necessarily options, but what was chosen, and whether things were changed and why.

Trainers development

Here are some more drawings regarding trainers. When looking on the JD sports website, there were over 388 types of trainers available for men, not necessarily including the different colour variations. The womens selection ranged to around 69, quite a difference. I didn't realise until looking into it a bit more that men had such variety and choice when it came to shoes, I thought it was equal between both sexes. These images are exploring using a linear approach to sketch out the trainers.

This area of indecisiveness was looking at the more commercial side of things, where as the more intimate and personal side includes the items of clothing. After a tutorial today, both personally and from the feedback from the group, it is clear that there is more interest and intrigue into the clothing side of things, and that is where I am going to move on further with.

Friday, 4 March 2011

Website live

My Website is FINALLY made!!! Please go and have a look! With thanks to Abby and Damian for helping me get there in the end with bits and pieces :).

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Typology of trainers

I was told by one of my tutors today that 'trainers are a typical typology' as they all look pretty much the same, and yet you can have so many different varieties. They are a male version of a shoe addiction. Playing on the idea of the first image I created for this unit with the water bottle varieties, I made a stamp of a shoe and created different versions of the same shoe. I think this would look more affective if there were a lot more. I also want to try having different drawings of the same shoe, as well as a variety of trainers generally compared to one another, and perhaps layer them over one another like Iris Khans work.


After shopping with my boyfriend for a new pair of shoes, his indecisiveness as to which pair to buy, mainly based on the colour not the style, lead to me drawing out his decisions. By moving the shoe around to see the different angles and looking at the entirety of the shoe, it aided his decision, or at least gave him more time to think about what to do. The style of shoe is by 'Vans' and come in an array of colours. I tried to turn the initial idea into an advertising poster that could be used by adding the Vans logo at the bottom of the page. Need to work a bit more on this I think, doesnt really jump out at you quite yet.

Confusion layering

After looking at the work of Iris Khan, who used images produced by the Becher's in a recent exhibition at the Saatchi gallery, I like the movement and confusion within the images that, in a way, nausiates the viewer. In Khans work, the overlaying of images are of the same objects that have been acurately photographed in similar lighting, positioning and colours, allowing Khan to take them and create one nostalgic image. I have used the images I have created of shoes, knickers and socks in a similar way to portray a confusion towards to audience as to what it is they are seeing, and trying to create a reinterpretation of the feeling you get when you are indecisive.

Hot Chocolate

Moving on from ketchup, but still looking at buying products when shopping, this image related to people buying a brand or the same product due to having it before, and therefore knowing that you like it. Cadburys hot chocolate has been going for many years, and people buy it again and again as they know that it tastes great. By showing the different packaging over the years represents the continuation of the brands existence and therefore loyalty from customers to buy the product.


Here are some drawings of ketchup bottles. When shopping in a supermarket there are always so many different choices for everything you want to buy. These are only a few of the ketchup bottles I could find, there were alot more. I wanted to try using different media to draw them with to see how they work together, although I dont think it works. Prefer the water colour version best (second in from the right).