Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Trainers development

Here are some more drawings regarding trainers. When looking on the JD sports website, there were over 388 types of trainers available for men, not necessarily including the different colour variations. The womens selection ranged to around 69, quite a difference. I didn't realise until looking into it a bit more that men had such variety and choice when it came to shoes, I thought it was equal between both sexes. These images are exploring using a linear approach to sketch out the trainers.

This area of indecisiveness was looking at the more commercial side of things, where as the more intimate and personal side includes the items of clothing. After a tutorial today, both personally and from the feedback from the group, it is clear that there is more interest and intrigue into the clothing side of things, and that is where I am going to move on further with.

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