Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Reasons for making a decision

Moving on from drawing lots of different images... I tried experimenting with other object, watches, earrings, tops... but none of them worked as well visually as socks, pants and shoes. It may be that they are all around the same size, and if introducing objects such as tshirts and trousers it would ruin the scale of the images, and the same with using earrings, they would not be seen as clearly.

Therefore I am going to concentrate on undergarments, as they are the least important part to an outfit, in the sense that they are not seen and judged by other people, yet the choice in them affects the way in which clothing sits and your comfort value. Despite not being able to see them, there are so many varieties and still the necessity to pick which ones to wear.

These two images are accompanied by some text that briefly explains the thought processes related to picking them. Such as comfort value, what they can be worn with, colours and also there relationship with one another. I liked the layering of images within some of my other work and wanted to incorporate this further.

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