Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Addition of colours

Ok, so here is another instalment of the decision making drawings. Ive added underwear and ties to this one and used colour to highlight the chosen item from each of the collections. I like the images in black and white, but feel the use of colour whether it be in every image or selectively as ive done here adds another level to the drawings. Now just to think of what else to draw.... i like the layering of the images in different levels.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Shoes & socks

I drew some shoes today... and when placing them with the socks thought they related to one another and the processes in decision making. How the socks you choose relate to the shoes you choose, as different socks work best with different shoes. For example you wouldnt wear any socks with high heels but would probably wear ankle socks for plimsoles. Going to play with this a bit more, and the order of decision making in everyday life such as getting up in the morning and the order decisions are made and how they affect others.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011


Socks! Continuing my project on indecisiveness I drew some socks... Random I know, but as im looking at the everyday decisions that we find difficult to make, the idea of which socks to pick in the morning seemed to be appropriate for that category. After looking at the work of Bernard and Hilla Becher and August Sander, im currently looking at the project from a typological angel, classifying things according to their characteristics. I want to try making the images have a scientific application in being the same size and format to apply an archeological stance to them.

Art of Nurture

Here are the images that I worked on for the LLoyds TSB Art of Nurture competition. The last one is the one that I sent off as part of the competition. Fingers crossed eh!!