Friday, 15 October 2010

First attempt at moulding

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After looking at the work of 'Based upon' I was inspired to experiment with some mouldings. Based upon's work uses a lot of different processes but that one that I found most interesting in relation to my work is the use of moulding from locations to incorporation into art for clients. For example in one piece of work they took mouldings of bark from trees as well as other details in a location to make a piece of work related to it. I feel it makes it more personal and referable.

I wanted to try using moulding within my own work to see how it would take my practice forward. My working process involves carrying out ideas I have in order to develop them further or move away from them if they are not successful. In this case I do not feel I have done enough to be able to make that decision. I want to evolve the objects and surfaces that I mould to relate to a specific memory and potential make a collection of little squares that relate to something more specific.

Watch this space for more updates on my progress...

Thursday, 14 October 2010


Start of a new project... as its authorial I got to choose what I wanted to look at. Expanding on from the last major project I carried out on Dementia, I thought I would look at memories, nostalgia, de ja vu, keepsake etc... as you can see in the brainstorm above. I wanted to carry on around the similar sort of topic Id looked at before. Am struggling with a starting point and focus, as memories is quite a big topic. Going to try and get visual and do some printing and drawing of things that come to my mind and see what comes of it.

Made a little 'memory test' for drawing, or at least experimented with one. Picking some objects that were close by, I drew the object without looking at the paper, then without looking at the object, and then looking at both the paper and the object to see the affect that I got from my drawing. I prefer when i wasnt looking at the paper as you can see that general shapes but they are nowhere in the right place which gives a sense of freedom and in some way reflects the way memory works, in having a general idea of things, but they may not be exactly as you remember.