Thursday, 14 October 2010


Start of a new project... as its authorial I got to choose what I wanted to look at. Expanding on from the last major project I carried out on Dementia, I thought I would look at memories, nostalgia, de ja vu, keepsake etc... as you can see in the brainstorm above. I wanted to carry on around the similar sort of topic Id looked at before. Am struggling with a starting point and focus, as memories is quite a big topic. Going to try and get visual and do some printing and drawing of things that come to my mind and see what comes of it.

Made a little 'memory test' for drawing, or at least experimented with one. Picking some objects that were close by, I drew the object without looking at the paper, then without looking at the object, and then looking at both the paper and the object to see the affect that I got from my drawing. I prefer when i wasnt looking at the paper as you can see that general shapes but they are nowhere in the right place which gives a sense of freedom and in some way reflects the way memory works, in having a general idea of things, but they may not be exactly as you remember.

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