Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Stills from the Film

Here are some stills from the making of the film that I did toward bringing my project together. After talking to my tutors, it seemed viable to have something to present the work that would help explain the detail and reasoning behind it all, not just the fact that it was made of a lot of different shapes. I like the idea but felt rushed in making the film and if redoing it, would like to have an area with proper lighting and a high resolution camera as the video camera that I used did not give the best picture quality that I would have liked, but still worked ok. It may have been the programs that I used to compile the video, needing to use iMovie to make it all come together. I then used garageband to record my own voice and adapt it to use as a track behind the footage. I got my family to help me make the films, as there were 5 or different elements to it, that all made up the film. Although as I said, more footage, better lighting and a consistent, high quality camera resolution would have been the next step to take after making this film.

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