Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Work Larger

After creating the symbols at a smaller scale, it was suggested that I do it at a larger scale... so I created this A1 black stamped version which i liked, but felt it needed to be bigger... however long it took me. Also that I wanted to try it in colour to make it more subtle a delicate. The image below shows the colour version I did. I wanted to use gold and silver to show a precious like feel to the work.

The idea of working even larger then A1 was suggested by a class mate, and I did this on a wallpaper roll I had left over from a previous piece of work. It was not the whole roll but took me around 6 or more hours to complete it. I am pleased with the outcome and feel that it needed to be done by hand as it make each mark individual. What I keep being asked is if there is a pattern to the symbols, and the truth is no. It is random as to which shape I pick up next as I feel when memories are formed we do not know what is going to be taken in, unless concentrated on in more detail. Otherwise we cannot predict the future and what memories are going to be formed, therefore why should there be some sort of plan as to the pattern of my work.

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