Sunday, 8 May 2011

Knickers in boxes

After designing the patterns, I applied them to knickers via transfer paper, and also created some little boxes to put the underwear in. You can see the amount of designs that I created, using the black boxes in-between as a presentational device when photographing the boxes together. Inside the box there is a little leaflet that I designed explaining about the design process, and 1 or 2 pairs of knickers, with the pattern on the knickers relating to the patter on the other side of the box.

The leaflet that I designed takes the form of a company flyer, with 25 different mono knickers that the customer can theoretically pick to have made into their own personalised pattern. I wanted to give the idea of making the audience choose from a selected amount of options, and make a decision, relating to the themes within my project. I wanted the leaflet to look professional, and have displayed my pattern designs within the leaflet also incase the 'customer' wanted to pick a design already made.

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