Sunday, 10 April 2011

Patterned pants

After my final critique, I had some feedback as to the final outcome of my work. The idea of a book was suggested, of which I was confused as to the layout and how I should place the order. Another suggestion was an interactive online piece, which seemed to me to be the wrong direction to take, as the interactive piece I created in the last unit was not as finalised or established as it needed to be, and was not successful in my eyes.

Along side a book of developments, ideas and outcomes could be a pair of hand made knickers with my own pattern design on them to incorporate into the book and make the book a kind of look book for companies. When you buy the underwear you get the little book for free showing you different pattern designs, options of what to wear with items and more abstract images of interest.

I do feel as though the direction of this project is swaying too far from the original topic of indecisiveness. I agree in it now focusing on decisions in general, as well as the choices we make, and the pleasure of having to make a decision amongst so many different options. I do want to try and employ this into the book more, as it is something I am interested in. Being able to communicate my thoughts and ideas that I employ into an image to others is something that I want to show in this work. Thinking too much and trying different options often leads to me being wrapped up in my own little world. However I do like the diversity and array of options in which my work leads to.

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