Thursday, 18 October 2007

Foundation: Fine Art Pathway

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Above is the final installation/exhibition I created as a Celebratory Memorial towards my Grandad.
Below are some of the individual mono prints that I created using the same image. There are images with paper collage, pastels, sweet wrappers, tracing paper, food dye, inks and the original plastic sheet I used to draw the mono prints on.

Mono Print with paper collage based on a Fine Art brief from my Foundation at Wimbledon. The brief was concerning 'Memorialism' of which I chose to base it on my late Grandad as, although I didnt realise when he was alive as much, he is an inspiration to me and a big part of my life that I never got to know. I found some images of him when he was a little boy playing with pigeons in Trafalgar Square, London, and created a selection of mono prints based on this, as well as some other images that revolved around him.

Although I loved doing this, I felt that in the fine art pathway, I was creating work that sat on the borderline of illustration, and have continued to use mono printing in my work since this stage of my Foundation.

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