Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Divergence films

Here are 4 stages of the videos that I have been creating for my latest project based on Dementia, the main topic being Divergence. After reading a book about a woman's experiences of suffering with Dementia, there were some phrases that expressed how she felt through having the disease. From this I have tried to visual explore how she expressed feeling through visual metaphors, using a square theme throughout the films to link them together.

Each of the 6 images you can see here are all individual films that have been recaptured under different lights and proportions to find the right combination of images together. These are stills from the final films that I have come to produce, which i feel work well together. However I still need to work out the best way to show them finally. Whether they be individual, all the videos on one screen (like the stills) or all on one screen but being interactive, allowing the audience to pick when to play the films and whether they be together or separate.

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